What is The Bucket Plan® Philosophy?

A strategic, structured approach to bucketing assets for today's financial dangers and challenges.

The old way of investing for retirement was to keep a little pile of money at the bank and the rest of your money in a bigger pile of money in investments and hope that it would last a lifetime.

But today, there are 3 large dangers facing you as you near retirement: market risk, interest rate risk, and sequence of returns risk. The Bucket Plan® philosophy helps you segment your money into different buckets based on your investment time horizon, volatility tolerance, and income needs.

Invest Based on Your Personal Needs

The Bucket Plan® philosophy teaches you to segment money into three different buckets.


Plan for Current Needs

Start by saving a small amount to take care of any immediate needs that you have.


Plan for Upcoming Needs

Invest your next amount in needs that you know will arise in the upcoming future.


Invest in the Long-Term Future

This amount of money goes towards long-term payouts that will build residual income.

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