Out of the echo chamber…

 ...and on to better things.


We decided we could do better, so we left the echo chamber.

Financial planners across the country pay online services to create generic newsletters to reach out to their clients on a regular basis. The articles are often prepared by financial writers and reviewed by a compliance staff to make sure that the information is legally correct. There is sometimes some value in these blog posts.  They inform you of general trends.

But they are a bit of an echo chamber. They repeat what has already been said. They create a lot of noise. Like surfing the web they may waste your time and confuse you more than inform you.

Until recently, we used one of those on-line services. We apologize for that.

We have cancelled our subscription.  We are doing the writing now, specialized for our clients.

Specialized advice is the only way to make a good, thorough, financial plan.  You don’t get that from a computer.  You get it from developing a relationship with a real human being who knows your voice, and your situation. That's where we come in.

Our firm is for families and individuals.  We plan for your personal situation. We work with a variety of clients, including many federal employees and union members. We also promote socially responsible, “ESG” investing. {Link these last 2 words to the ESG blogpost}

Going forward we will be creating original content, reviewed by a legal compliance committee, and edited by our whole team.  Our blogposts will reflect our commitment to our core values.

Goodbye, echo chamber.

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